Lives are changing through Cultural Legacy Outreach International
Over ½ million leaders from more than 190 countries are connecting on and creating a chain reaction of cultural legacy of living well and living well together to billion lives.


By connecting with a supportive community on CLOI, people are growing their personal confidence and taking action, making change in their communities and nations. On average, 85% of our surveyed community members report a significant increase in their self-esteem and empowered leadership .


Our empowerment training programs provide individuals with the skills to build cultural legacy movements and promote their own voices for change and livelihood. To date, CLOI has planned to reach over 1,000,000 grassroots women and youth leaders from East Africa alone with Financial Inclusion Literacy, Agribusiness efficient markets training, and entrepreneurship with coupled with digital communication, These women and youth train an additional 2,000,000 people in their communities. It is a ripple effect…an unstoppable legacy .


We promote the most powerful voices, solutions and movements from our community and channel them to influential forums and decision-makers in order to effect change that benefits cultural legacy. To date, CLOI has crowd-sourced and delivered voices to the United Nations, Governments and many more; so that they may learn from culture realities on the ground and make decisions that take cultural aspects into account.