Where we work

Whether it’s natural disaster, civil conflict, hunger or disease at home or overseas, CLOI closely monitors human situations and catastrophic events to determine where and when we should respond with our cultural legacy outreach teams of staff and volunteers.
We partner with governments, local authorities, communities, civil society organizations and the private sector where we respond to disasters, working together to share the cultural legacy of “living well and living well together” with people facing grief and uncertainty. We depend on volunteers to do much of the work and to train people on healing from trauma as they help. That’s why we’re looking for committed cultured people with varied talents and experience. 

Global Reach
Whether building individual lives, communities well being or rebuilding collapsing governments to restore good governance, build infrastructure for health care like hospitals and educational schools where CLOI cultural legacy medical professional can care for the sick, or build houses for victims of natural disaster, CLOI reaches out Globally, bringing the cultural legacy of universal well being of living well together to the edges of the world. We partner with local religious agencies and our international field offices, while also accepting volunteers for our construction projects that help in uniting Hearts in Cultural diversity, Waging Peace, Fighting Poverty and Building Hope towards Universal well-being around the world.

Visit the CLOI International website to find out about the work of our sister organisations in the countries listed above with no links.